Best Cryptocurrency Exchange

Best cryptocurrency exchange: top prompts on how to buy cryptocurrency

Buying cryptocurrency has been one of the most brilliant types of investment in recent years. With an exceptional boom in the crypto trading, more and more beginners and experts in the area are searching for the best solutions for purchasing and selling their cyber money on a global crypto currency market. This made cryptocurrency exchange sites to become one of the hottest spots for different city men all over the world. Where to buy cryptocurrency? How can you pick up the best exchange platform for your needs? Find the most advanced data about various aspects of cryptocurrency trading in this post.

Cryptocurrency exchange: top concepts you should know

The market of crypto is extremely diverse and is ready to offer each newcomer and professional almost anything they need. If you have a plan to purchase digital money, the first step of your activity should be visiting an exchange. It is a specially designed platform that is developed to allow users to sell and buy crypto money for either another digital currency or real money (for example, the US dollar) 

Another thing the one should also know about the digital market is that some exchange websites don’t require any verification, while the others might ask you for some personal data (such as a scanned copy of your ID card) This is a common practice you shouldn’t worry about - in case you choose a secure and reputable service, all your data will be completely safe. Therefore, when searching for the best crypto exchange site, you will need to pay attention to its feedback. By the way, the services that don’t require any verification, are usually also reliable and user-friendly. 

The common types of crypto exchanges: pro platforms 

There are several classifications of the cryptocurrency exchange sites. Below we will provide you with a detailed description for just two of the most common ones. 

  • Crypto to crypto. This type of website gives all its users plenty of opportunities to barter various types of digital currencies. For example, you can give out your Bitcoin and get Etherium on this type of service. You can’t purchase or sell crypto for standard state currencies.

  • Fiat. This option is for buyers and vendors, who would like to change crypto for regular government money, such as Euro, the US dollar, and others. 


As for the second classification, it is based on the way the exchanges are performed between the users:

  • Brokers. These are users who sell out and buy crypto for a standard market cost with a small fee. This price is set up by the brokers themselves. 

  • Traditional platforms. These are middlemen, who connect vendors and customers together. 

  • Direct trading. This type of service allows sellers and customers to interact directly. The service itself is operating as an intermediary. 


There are also some more advanced classifications of the top cryptocurrency exchanges. However, the most common division is provided above for your convenience. 

Picking up and exchange: top features to pay attention to 

When you start surfing the net for a perfect platform to suit all your needs, you will surely come through various alternatives that might look absolutely similar. How can you choose the best one? That’s not difficult at all. Just make a list of the most important features and compare the chosen services according to it. To make your job easier, we’ve picked up the most vital features to compare right here below. 

  • Feedback. When you are planning to purchase some gadgets or any other type of product, you usually start with searching for the feedback of real users, who have already tried it. This rule will surely work for exchanges, too. When you see several completely similar solutions, just look for feedback and decide which one has a better performance. 

  • Reputation. This feature is one of the vital options for making the right decision. Avoid picking up cheaper platforms in case they have a bad reputation or anything that makes you feel suspicious. Your excellent website should have a good reputation and a long history.

  • Location limits. Some services are working globally, while others might appear to have certain geographical limits. It is better to know the number of countries your service supports in case you are planning to trade on an international scale. 

  • Verification. There are lots of websites that will easily assist you in trading crypto 100% anonymously. These are usually simple and convenient solutions, designed mostly for beginners. In case you are a pro trader, you might need a more feature-rich solution with countless functions to suit your needs. This way, you might decide to try using apps that might require verification. 

  • Fees. Most sites will charge you a fee when using their services. Various platforms might have completely different fees, so it is better to know the numbers in advance. Don’t forget to pay attention not only to the standard fees but also for the additional ones that might also take place when using the app. 

  • Exchange rate. This is one of the features most experts begin with. The prices on the market can significantly vary, so it is recommended to compare a couple of platforms even in case the rate seems good for the first glance. 

  • Methods of payment. Like e-commerce solutions, different exchange programs might offer a different number of payment options. This might include PayPal, credit, debit cards, as well as some other popular methods. 

  • Security. When picking up your favorite program, don’t forget to double-check its security measures. It is better to learn the most up-to-date safety tools available in the area and than just compare the list with a chosen cryptocurrency exchange provider. This way, you will get a clear picture of whether you are planning to try a safe solution. 

  • Supported coins. If you are going to trade coins that are not hitting the top 3 list of the most popular ones, it is better to check whether your crypto is supported by the system. By the way, there are some services that are focused on dealing with only one type of digital money. 

  • Usability. If you are a newcomer to the world of cyber money, it might be a good idea to make sure the service you’ve decided to try is user-friendly and completely understandable. This feature will save you lots of time and effort. 


What is the best cryptocurrency exchange platform?


This type of crypto continues to be among the leading coins since 2011. The company deals with lots of different types of currencies, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ripple. The service gained the reputation of one of the most secure exchange platforms. 


The program deals not only with crypto-to-crypto pairs but also handles different types of fiat transactions. This means you have complete freedom of choice on how to trade with the help of the service. This type of coins has recently become a partner of the first global crypto bank that is surely a good sign for those looking for a reliable and trustworthy solution. 


However, the platform is designed mostly for professionals. This is an extremely feature-rich solution that might be found a bit confusing for beginners. In case you are pro in crypto, you will surely find an advanced Kraken functionality very handy. The only platform’s drawback is a low processing time. Moreover, the website offers a limited number of payment methods, so it is better to make sure whether you can use your favorite payment options for using the service. 


The service is known to be among the leading trading and brokers solutions for cryptocurrency exchange worldwide. The platform was created in 2012 and gained whopping popularity since then. The fact is that Coinbase continues to be a perfect service for beginners since it has a completely intuitive and easy-to-use design. The system supports different popular types of coins (the coins available depends on your country of residence) 


What makes it even more convenient is the mobile app for both iOS and Android users, Handling transactions on the fly is now possible with Coinbase. As for safety, the program has a flawless reputation. Moreover, it uses the most innovative security measures and provides insurance for all the stored cryptocurrencies. Among the app’s benefits are also extremely low fees and a wide range of various payment options. However, the service lacks a reachable support system and has a limited number of supported countries. 


The platform is considered to be the best place to buy cryptocurrency, according to thousands of experts. Being one of the leading services in its area, Poloniex allows trading for more than 100 types of crypto money. The number of pairing is really amazing, so you are likely to find the best option for your needs with minimum efforts. The program will satisfy both newbie and pro users since it has a brilliant functionality and a well-polished interface. The service is currently one of the platforms with the highest trading volumes with a whopping number of people using it in numerous countries. 


The fees, offered by the program are minimal and usually range from 0 to 0.25 according to your trading role (the fees are different for takers and makers) Furthermore, Poloniex has no withdrawal fee which is very handy for those trading in high volumes. 


The service has a unique chat option, where you can ask any question about using the platform and get pro advice. 


Binance is another handy solution for those searching for crypt-to-crypto transactions. Being a relatively young platform, the service is gaining incredible popularity due to its pleasant interface, useful functions, and top-notch security measures. The application has two versions: the first one is for beginners, while another one with a feature-rich menu is designed for crypto experts. 


The program can be used worldwide and is one of the cheapest solutions on the market. The service is known to support a large number of countries, so you can benefit from trading on a global scale.


As for the fees, Binance offers reasonable deposit and transaction fees, making it affordable to thousands of users. In case you face any issues when using the service, its reachable and fast to respond support team is always ready to provide you with the professional aid. Unlike most crypto exchanges, Binance has its own currency called BNB that can be used for performing various types of operations. 


Unfortunately, the system has no options for fiat operations, as well as its number of payment variants is limited. 


The service is one of the first platforms that appeared on the market of crypto exchanges. CoinMama is an excellent option for beginners that allows purchasing the needed coins using your credit or debit card. The solution handles operations with a large number of local currencies, so you are likely to find the one you need with ease. 


However, this popular solution doesn’t have an embedded wallet for storing crypto. However, in case you have your own wallet, this will not be a problem. What is also great about using CoinMama is a large number of positive feedback from real users. The system has a handy interface and superfast transaction time for those who hate waiting too long.

With over 3 million accounts, the solution is hitting the list of the best exchanges on the global market. The platform supports purchasing and selling various types of crypto for different fiat money in an easy and fast way. 


The system is a universal product that fits perfectly both beginners and pros, providing lots of advanced functions for those looking for expert trading options. also has a number of API solutions for those who prefer automated trading. However, the program is known for its strict verification procedures. The fees are different and depend on the payment option you choose. 

The final words

The market for exchanges is on the rise. Dozens of new services appear online, offering exclusive promotions and excellent sales. However, you should always be careful when choosing the best solution for your needs and compare plenty of parameters before making the final decision. 

The most important features you should pay attention to are the reputation, the number of supported types of coins, location limits, security measures, and customer support quality of your platform. 


What is a top crypto exchange for newbies? 

This depends on your personal goals and the type of crypto you are planning to deal with. Moreover, it is necessary to pay attention to whether you are going to use state currencies or prefer crypto-to-crypto transactions. Generally, there is no universal solution that will suit the needs of any beginner for 100%. 

What is the best way to deposit into a certain exchange?

Making a deposit into a certain platform depends on its type. If you are using fiat systems, you might use your bank account or other common methods of payment. In case you are only a crypto enthusiast, you will see an interface that will connect you with your wallets or other digital storage. 


How can I withdrawal from a platform?

The withdrawal process depends on the type of service you are using. For example, for fiat systems, you might get your money directly to the bank account, or in some cases to your credit/debit card. For crypto-to-crypto operations, the coins might return to the same wallet. 


What are the most common types of exchange solutions? 

These are brokers, trading platforms, and direct trading solutions.

Best Bitcoin Mixers and Tumblers in 2022

Many believe bitcoin to be a medium for complete private transfer of funds that secures the anonymity of its users. But this is no longer accurate, if you’ve ever used one of the many centralized cryptocurrency exchanges that dominate the market. In this piece, we’ll cover some of the best bitcoin mixers and tumblers to help you regain anonymity.

The 9 best bitcoin mixers and tumblers

1. is one of the best bitcoin mixers in this list. is a user-friendly and secure platform for beginner users. This is one of the best bitcoin mixers on the market, as it doesn’t require you to have any technical knowledge and the user interface is quite easy to interact with. allows users to determine how much they are willing to pay for the service fee. The platform has a welcome minimum deposit fee, which you can use to experiment with the service.

Users of this bitcoin mixer can also use the service by using a VPN or Tor and choose a random delay for the transaction and can receive or send the mixed coins after only three blockchain confirmations. offers a service fee between 0.5% and 2.5%, and each user can choose the amount to be paid for each transaction. It’s recommended that you mix and use different percentage fees for each transaction, to not raise any suspicions that you are using a bitcoin mixer. benefits

  • Offers a Letter of Guarantee. This ensures that the address has been generated by their servers.
  • “No Data Retention” policy. All transaction data is deleted after 24 hours from completion.
  • Uses up to eight bitcoin addresses. The more addresses used in the bitcoin mixing, the harder it is to trace those transactions.
  • Fast payout. The transactions go through after only three confirmations. Optionally, users can add a delay of up to 24 hours for another layer of protection.

2. ChipMixer


ChipMixer is a bitcoin mixing service that helps you keep your user data safe from blockchain tracking software. Some compare it to the secretive banking system from countries such as the Bahamas and Panama.

ChipMixer uses a number of pre-funded bitcoin wallets to facilitate the service. After a user engages with their service and deposits their bitcoin, they receive chips of bitcoins as a receipt. For an extra layer of anonymity, the service allows users to further split, merge, bet, or donate any chips they have. Note that ChipMixer is not a casino, although it allows users to bet their chips. They offer nothing or double the amount of the bet.

The features of ChipMixer can create a difference between the input and output, but it only adds to the privacy of the transaction.

Donating and betting function on the same principle as merging and splitting. There are no transaction fees on ChipMixer, but donations are accepted. When a user wants to withdraw their funds, they receive a private key to swap addresses. That’s how they avoid withdrawals from being registered on the blockchain.

Chips on ChipMixer have different sizes and increase exponentially according to the power of two (0.001 BTC, 0.002 BTC, 0.004 BTC, and so on, up to 4.096 BTC). Logs are available for seven days, and it doesn’t offer a Letter of Guarantee.

ChipMixer benefits

  • The service uses pre-funded wallets to deliver your bitcoin, making tracing impossible.
  • ChipMixer functions as a donation only service.

3. FoxMixer

FoxMixer is one of the best bitcoin mixers in the market.

FoxMixer makes it harder for anyone to trace back bitcoin transactions using an algorithm that automatically mixes and replaces coins. It mixes users’ bitcoins into a pool of coins. This platform also monitors the currency volume transactions to be able to shift payouts if necessary.

Blockchain analysis services can track the origin of a transaction using nodes in multiple countries. This mixer offers the option to randomize the origins of the coins you send to the platform, which makes it harder to trace them back to your IP.

FoxMixer has a flat service fee of 0.001 BTC for every output bitcoin address you use, and a 1% fee they deduct from the transaction.

FoxMixer benefits

  • “No Data Retention” policy. All logs are deleted within 24 hours after the transaction has been completed.
  • Accessible via Tor
  • Offers a Letter of Guarantee
  • Offers random transactions according to the current trading volume, to make your transaction blend in.

4. UltraMixer


UltraMixer is one of the best bitcoin mixers that offer a high degree of confidentiality by using a mix of bitcoin addresses for transactions. The system ensures a fast and reliable transaction, and they charge their small commission only after the payment has been confirmed. All data is deleted, and there is no data log.

UltraMixer offers a large pool of cryptocurrencies, allowing you to send almost any amount. The system never uses your bitcoin address to send the funds. Instead, it uses funds from the pool and uses your funds to replenish the pool. The service operates automatically, as the crypto reserve is constantly filling.

UltraMixer has a flat rate of 0.002 BTC for each Bitcoin address and 0.5% of the overall transaction.

UltraMixer benefits

  • It offers a high degree of confidentiality.
  • The transactions are performed quickly.
  • There is no log regarding your transaction.
  • It offers a Letter of Guarantee.

5. SmartMixer


SmartMixer mixes your bitcoins with those deposited by others. The output bitcoins will have nothing to do with the bitcoin you deposit. Due to the high daily transactions, your anonymity is granted.

The service offers fast or delayed payouts. A transaction can go through after only two confirmations. Delayed payments need between 5 and 24 confirmations. You can add an extra layer of anonymity to your transaction by choosing a random delay.

SmartMixer offers a low fee of 0.5% per transaction and a flat base fee of 0.0001 BTC for each payout bitcoin address.

SmartMixer benefits

  • The transactions need only two confirmations to go through.
  • The service has low fees.

6. Anonymix


Anonymix is a bitcoin mixer that helps you keep your identity secure. You send bitcoin using their service, and they will send you the funds back to a new address, with no connection to your identity.

The bitcoin mixer offers the option to delay payments and to send your new coins to more than one bitcoin address.

Anonymix offers the option of “Quick mix,” which transfers coins after only one confirmation. You can add random delays for an extra security layer.

The bitcoin mixer can handle bitcoin mixes of up to 180 BTC. For each transaction, you can deposit the funds from multiple wallets and send them to up to five receiving addresses. They issue a certificate of origin and offer you the chance to delete the data log immediately.

Anonymix benefits

  • The service can handle large BTC transactions.
  • Offers a certificate of origin
  • Each user can choose to delete the data log immediately.

7. CryptoMixer

This is one of the best bitcoin mixers.

CryptoMixer is a bitcoin mixer for high-volume bitcoin transactions. It is built with input from the BitcoinTalk community. The system offers a Letter of Guarantee for every transaction and strives to offer untraceable and safe transactions.

CryptoMixer ensures that the user information will remain hidden to third parties and has a zero-log policy.

The mixer ensures a high degree of data protection by using advanced encryption methods and regularly all translation details. The mixer has a cryptocurrency reserve of over 2000 BTC, which allows users to use the service without having to wait for others to send in their coins.

CoinMixer has low service fees, starting at 0.5% + 0.0005 BTC. You can also customize it such that it is impossible for third parties to spot the connections between the addresses.

CoinMixer benefits

  • Offers a Letter of Guarantee
  • It can handle high volumes of bitcoin.
  • Has a zero-log policy

8. Bitcoin Mixer(Tumbler)

Bitcoin Mixer(Tumbler) is one of the best bitcoin mixers.

Bitcoin Mixer(Tumbler) is a bitcoin mixer that allows you to send BTC funds while protecting your identity. The bitcoin blender has several bitcoin pools for low-value and high-value transactions from all the users from which you will receive new and untraceable coins.

The service has random service fees that go between 1% and 5% to make the bitcoin mixer transactions untraceable. Bitcoin Mixer(Tumbler) is TOR-friendly and can encrypt all transactions and locations. The service deletes all transaction history logs after 24 hours.

Bitcoin Mixer(Tumbler) benefits

  • TOR-friendly platform
  • Data logs are deleted every 24 hours
  • Random service fees that keep your transaction untraceable

9. is a bitcoin blender that splits the funds received from each user into smaller parts and mixes them with funds from other clients. You receive untraceable coins into your new bitcoin address as smaller payments. uses two blending algorithms and deletes all data regarding a transaction after 48 hours.

The service doesn’t require user registration, and the bitcoin mixing process takes up to six hours, and you can mix funds ranging from 0.003 and up to 50 BTC. has a service fee of 4–5% per transaction and an additional 0.0007 BTC for each output address. benefits

  • TOR-friendly bitcoin mixer
  • Quick service. The bitcoin mixing can take only up to six hours.

Are bitcoin mixers illegal?

There is no law that specifically prohibits bitcoin mixers. Furthermore, the bitcoin sent using a bitcoin mixer cannot be considered illegal without specific evidence to prove the contrary.

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